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Wreathed with Grace
Let this nature-inspired sleigh take center stage at your hokiday buffet.
Holiday Swan Sleigh

Designed by Pat Smelkoff
1. Basecoat the swan body with two coats of Vintage White, slowing adequate drying time after each of the applications.
2. Thin Metallic Pure God with water. Use a toothbrush to spatter the body. Let dry.
3. Basecoat the runners with two coats of Green Umber, allowing adequate drying time between each application of color.
4. Trace pattern onto tracing paper using the Ultra Fine Point Permanent Marker. Cut the pattern between the body and the runners to make it easier to transfer onto the surface. Transfer the pattern to the body with the black of gray graphite paper and the pattern to the runners with the white graphite. Use only lines to indicate the placement for the comma strokes. Do not transfer the shapes of the commas.
Pretty Sharp Company Swan Sleigh
(20" x 10-1/2" x 6")
Plaid FolkArt Acrylics: Basil Green, Burnt Sienna, Clay Bisque, Ice Blue, Passion Punch, Polly Red, Raspberry Wine, Terra Cotta, Vintage White,
Wrought Iron
Plaid FolkArt Artist' Pignments: Burnt Salmon, Green Umber, Pure Black, Titanium White, Yellow Ochre
Plaid FolkArt Acrylics: Metallic Pure Gold
Daler-Rowney Robert Simmons Expressions #18/0 and #10 liner (series E51, 3/4" flat wash/glaze (series E55), #4, #6, #8, #10 and #12 flat shader (Series E60), #4 chisel blender (series E60S)
Plaid FokArt Artist's Vfarnish, Satin
Sharpie Permanent Marker Ultra Fine Point, Black
Miscellaneous: tracing paper, black or gray graphite, white graphite, stylus, scissors, eraser, toothebrush
Note: Follow all manufacturers' label instructions for poper product usage.
1. Set in the wreath area with a wash of Burnt Umber.
2. Base the leaves with Basil Green. Undercoat the berries and ribbon ewith Terra Cotta, let dry, and base with Dark Salmon. Base the beack and eye areas with Pure Balck.
3. Shade around the berries with floats of Green Umber +  Burnt Umber. Use a large flat shader to dampen under the shapes on the swan's body, and then float tints of Wrought Iron under and above the wreath area, under and to the left of the ribbon and holly, and where the runners meet the body.
4. Wreath. Use a liner with Burnt Umber to apply the first layer of wreath vines.  Then layer with vines of Burnt Sienna and various mixes of Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, and Titanium White. Let dry. Apply the final layer of vines with Ice Blue.
5. Ribbon and Berries.  Apply a second coat of Dark Salmon to the ribbon and berries.  Let dry. Apply a third coat with Dark Salmon + Poppy Red + Titanium White (1:1:1). Let dry. Shade with floats of Raspberry Wine, let dry, and deepen the shading with Burnt Carmine. Highlight with floats of Punch. Outline ribbon with Metallic Pure Gold. Add reflected light on the berries with and Ice Blue outline side.
6. Leaves. Shade leaves "over the hill" and on the V-shape by the stem with floats of Wrought Iron. Let dry. Highlight "under the hill" and on edges of the dark side that would be hit by light with Clay Bisque + Basil Green (1:1).  Drybrush a final highlight with Yellow Ochre. Add Tins with the berry colors.  Apply small comma strokes of Metallic Pure Gold to the points on some of the holly leaves. Do not outline!
7. Pines Needles. Use a liner and Wrought Iron to pull the first layer or needles.  Add a second layer with a brush mix of Wrought Iron + Basil Green.  When dry add a third layer with Metallic Pure Gold.
8. Strokework. Apply all strokework with a metallic Pure Gold using a liner
Note: Refer to the photo and the Color Worksheet on page 52 throughout the painting process.
Click HERE to order the "Paint Works" issue for this design.
1. Erase all graphie lines. Sign and date your piece.
2. Varnish with two or three coats of satin varnish.
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